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June 28, 2019 - Booger Brooks Charges to Tri County Race Track Victory

This past Friday night the postponed St. Patty’s Bash finally beat Mother Nature at Tri-County. With the sky’s blue and the track prepped for some two and three wide racing the evening would have 19 cars sign-in for the evening.

As hot laps began it would quickly end for David Burtz as he would catch a hole getting into the corner and fold the right side corner of his nose under. The rest of hot laps would show signs of great evening of racing as a small cushion would build in the corners.

When qualifying was all said and done it would have Colten Jackson as the Boyd’s Bilt fast time winner with an elapsed time of 14.115 around the rim of the high banks. Ricky Smith, Michael Barnett, Jamie Oliver, Seth Wimpey and Colton Stroud setting the field for the #FATBOYRACING Dash for Cash.

The #FATBOYRACING Dash for Cash sets where the top qualifiers start the feature but also gives them a chance to win an extra $100if they win it. Ricky Smith would lead lap one of the dash but Colten Jackson would not be denied as he would take the lead from Smith on lap two and not give it back. Ricky Smith would a close second but the big mover of the dash would be Seth Wimpey as he would advance from 5th to 3rd on the last lap. Michael Barnett would cross the line backwards after him and Wimpey would tangle coming to the line.

The Knowles Race Parts and Bodies heat number one would see Booger Brooks lead them to the green. Brooks would lead from flag to flag and not really have any pressure from anyone has he would win by a couple of car links. David Burtz would make it to qualifying after rebuilding his front bumper after making new pieces from tools in his trailer. Bobby Elkins, Jesse Goss, Jason Berrong, David Burtz and Ronnie Wren would complete heat number one.

Anthony Hill Grading heat number two would have Daniel Brewer and Jacob Parris on the front row. Brewer would command the lead for the whole heat and pick up the win. Parris would get high in turn one and lose a few positions on the start but would get them back to finish 2nd. Derek Franks, Duane Dodson, Mario Gresham and Dillon Daves would complete the heat race number 2.

Colten Jackson would bring the field to the green but again Ricky Smith would get the lead on lap one and stretch out to a 3 or 4 car length lead. The top two would pull away from the field by a couple of car lengths but the man on the move was Booger Brooks. Brooks would employ the low line and complete a few slide jobs on his way to third in the early laps of the event. As Ricky Smith, Colten Jackson and Booger Brooks started to catch the tail end of the field . They would begin swapping positions as Brooks would again use the low line on Jackson in turn 1 and 2. However Jackson was applying pressure to Smith.

Smith would get hemed up in traffic as Brooks would pass Jackson on the outside for 2nd coming of turn 4. The caution would cool the action down as Colton Stroud would spin in 4. On the ensuing restart brooks would take the lead from Smith. Jackson would follow suit and take second from Smith as well.  The rest of the field would return to running two and three wide as Seth Wimpey would start working his way back to the front after slipping a couple of spots. Daniel Brewer would also begin to move forward and make his way into the top 5 and pressuring for fourth.

Jacob Parris would get on the top shelf and begin picking off spots on his way to the front as well.  With the racing begin so close and positions begin swapped in the middle of the field it was hard to tell who was going to be in what position on the next lap. As the field continued to storm around the high banks at a blistering pace and raging war on each other it would be slowed again with a Dillon Daves slowoing in turn four. On the restart the field would bunch up in turn four and 5th running Daniel Brewer would spin as the cars in front of him would check up.  Bobby Elkins would pull in during this caution with mechanical issues. As the field would roar back to life it would be stopped as soon it started with Michael Barnett spinning on the restart.

The field would go back green only to be stopped two laps later as Daniel Brewer would suffer to part failure in turn 3 and would have to settle for an early finish. This would set up for a 6 lap shootout to the finish as Jackson would keep pressure on Brooks in the closing laps. However Brooks would not faulter and pick up his 2nd win with the series this year. Jackson despite his efforts would come home with a strong second. Seth Wimpey also not far behind Jackson would rally for a strong finish. Jacob Parris would pass several cars on the high side and come how 4th. Ricky Smith would hild on for KRC Power Steering 5th after a strong start on the evening. 

Jesse Goss would make a run towards the end and bring home Knowles Race Parts and Bodies 6th. Derek Franks brought home TruForm Race Products 7th after battling all night and running side by side with someone most of the evening. Duane Dodson fought handling issues most of the evening but managed 8th on the night. David Burtz despite having a rough start would come to 9th after starting 17th and would win his own award, Burtz Welding and Fabrication hard charger, after advancing 8 spots.  Mario Gresham would round out the top 10 in his first appearance with the series.
               The points would still see Booger Brooks at the top but the top 9 would shuffle some. Colten Jackson would move to second and Jacob Parris would fall to third. Full points will be posted on the website and top 10 on Facebook .

Boyd Bilt Fabrication Fast Time – Colten Jackson
Knowles Race Parts and Bodies heat 1 – Booger Brooks
Anthony Hill Grading heat 2 –Daniel Brewer
KRC Power Steering 5th place – Ricky Smith
Knowles Race Parts and Bodies 6th place – Jesse Goss
Truform Race Products 7th place – Derek Franks

Tri-County Race Track - June 28, 2019 Results
St. Patty's Bash
  1. Booger Brooks
  2. Colton Jackson
  3. Seth Wimpey
  4. Jacob Parris
  5. Ricky Smith
  6. Jesse Goss
  7. Derek Franks
  8. Duane Dodson
  9. David Burtz
  10. Mario Gresham
  11. Michael Barnett
  12. Daniel Brewer
  13. Brandon Elliott
  14. Jason Berrong
  15. Bobby Elkins
  16. Dillon Daves
  17. Colton Stroud
  18. Ronnie Wren
The series returns to action on Saturday, July 20 with a trip to Blue Ridge Motorsports Park (Blue Ridge, Georgia), where a $1,000 top prize will be on the line.


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